Get up. Get over it. And while you're at it.. Get over yourself.  Stop playing into the stigma. Stop bating for attention. Stop complaining. Stop focusing on the bad, you're so lucky. You know people have it much worse than you, don't you? You know there are people out there who'd give anything to be … Continue reading Stop.


It's January 3rd, and for the first time in around 16 years my 'new years resolution' is not to lose weight, tone up, be smaller or be any less like 'me'. Not. This. Year. This year my promise to myself is entirely different. It is to keep on being me. The me I thought I'd … Continue reading You.


I miss the way I had to angle my body to get up the drive, dragging the wheels-bin behind me. The one with the slit in the side, that I knew needed replacing, but hadn't got around to. I miss the way I would pile up washing on top of the dryer, in the kitchen, … Continue reading Missing.