Bright white faces, flashes of colour and low sounds.  It's like we can't help it, every chance we get.  Scroll, scroll, scroll. She's sleeping, outside.  I envy her.  Eldest on his Gameboy,  Thrap-thrapping on the A and B button.  We sit opposite one another, screens in hand.  Scroll, scroll, scroll.  Pause.. save or screenshot. Scroll, … Continue reading Lights.



And you can't imagine how it might feel,  To live trapped inside a broken mind.  Spinning around in ferocious, meaningless circles,  Faster, faster.  Useless.  Fat. Guilty. Unworthy. Failure. Disgusting. Thoughts of all the ways you would love to stand out,  And of all the ways you simply need to disappear.  Thinking of a million, beautiful reasons to … Continue reading Shackles.