Sex in the dark, breathing in.  Sleeping at awkward angles. Cramped up arms and back.  Shallow breathing brings relief. Alarm rings.  Groundhog Day. Baggy clothes to hide in.  Tied up hair and shades.  Peeing with the door open, shush-shushing to  wipe.  Nap time and coffee.  Social media blues. Work trip inadequacies.   Jealousy.  Anger.  Regret.  … Continue reading Tired.



I get out of the car and they're on me in seconds, beady and blue.  They scan up and down, back up again.  Wide, eager, nervous. Blinking rapidly now.  Confusion seems to follow.  Still fat, and yet, at ease? I feel them find the regrowth of my hair, the tufts of natural mousey hair sprouting … Continue reading Eyes.