Recovery is not linear.

Some days she just won’t be quiet. 
Some days she just will not leave me alone… 

Don’t even think about breakfast, you fat bastard”. 

“How could you let yourself get here?” 

“ALL those fucking pounds you lost and for what, to eat your way back to this?”

“People are expecting you to have lost weight when you go back”.

“Lol, what a fucking joke that is! Fatso”

“You’re disgusting”.

“You don’t deserve to eat”.

“You need to exercise more”.

“10,000 steps isn’t near enough”.

“I don’t fuckig care it’s raining. Stop making excuses”.

Run, you fat cunt”. 

“Your body is vile. Jesus, what a fucking mess”. 

“He’s looking at your stomach. Good god, you’re repulsive”. 

 Your dimply, white thighs make me want to be sick“. 

“Your face is so fat, you’ve really let yourself go”. 

“Oh no bitch.. Don’t even bother with filters..”.

“Don’t you see? you’re a fat fuck no matter which mask you use”.

“You look like a man”. 

“Your bones are abnormally big for a woman. It’s so ugly”.

“Your face makes people uncomfortable”. 

“Your voice is droney and unbearable. Stop talking”. 

“You’re boring. Shut up. Talk to me instead.. “.

“Shall we review our calories for today?”. 

“Well today has been a shit show. Do you even want to be thin?”.

“That’s it, shovel it in”.

“You greedy fat bastard”. 

“You’ll never have your body back, why not just eat two more crackers…?”.

“Why did you eat those fucking crackers?”.

“Fuck me. You’re a stupid bitch”. 

“Good luck enjoying sex in that lump of flesh tonight”.

“Make sure it’s dark, you don’t want him get limp looking at you.. I mean, who could blame him?”. 

“He thought that was shit. You fucking sap”.

“He misses your old body.. Everyone does”.

“Install that app again, and this time have some fucking resolve about you”.

“Night night, make sure to pee before you get weighed tomorrow”.



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