Get up.

Get over it.

And while you’re at it.. Get over yourself. 

Stop playing into the stigma.

Stop bating for attention.

Stop complaining.

Stop focusing on the bad, you’re so lucky.

You know people have it much worse than you, don’t you?

You know there are people out there who’d give anything to be you, don’t you?

You’re right.

You’re all completely right.

I’ll stop.

I’ll stop asking for help.

I’ll stop reaching for people and I’ll keep reaching for meds.

I’ll stop telling people how I feel, I’ll eat it away.

I’ll stop posting those annoying quotes, the ones you said were for attention.

I’ll stop posting those vague Facebook statuses. I wouldn’t want anyone to notice I’m hurting, to feel they should ask how I am.

I’ll stop saying I can’t help feeling desperately unloved, every day. I’ll remind myself the reason I feel like no-one cares is because I’m self absorbed, that they have lives too. I’m an adult.

I’ll stop calling, and messaging.

I’ll stop communicating.

I’ll stop.




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