Your heart is aching, and so, mine is too.

I feel the pain you are experiencing, I share it with you.

Intertwined and as one from birth..

You are with me, we share this earth.

Both tired, exhausted by the every day grind,

We try to survive, make peace with our minds.

Is there anyone, really, to blame?

Is it merely coincidence we both feel the same?

To feel you are lacking of pride and of purpose?

To feel you are surrounded by people who deem you as worthless?

I send you a hug, it floats through the air..

I want to be with you, to help you, to care.

Know that I love you, brother of mine

That my love extends eternally, beyond space, and time.

Know that you are important, vital to me.

Know that without you, I simply would not be.

Though I am away in person, never in mind,

I am always an ear, though sadly, virtually, online.

You are my rock, my go-to, my friend..

And I hope you know I am here, and will be, right til the end.










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