“No, no. Thats not what they said.. What she actually said was..”

“Ah no, it doesn’t work like that here. I know what you think you heard, but I think you’re confused..”

“No, no, I haven’t touched it. Maybe you threw it away?”

“Don’t you get bored of doing that? Isn’t it a little childish?”

“Thats lovely, it looks like you’re really enjoying it. Is it nice to have free time?”

“Why don’t you go for a walk, it’s bad for the baby to sit around all day”..

“I told you, you’re walking around too much, its bad for the baby so close to your due date”.

“That’s not what he said to me, he told me a completely different story. He told me that it was you that said…”

“You owe it to them, because of history. Don’t you understand?”

“He refers to people as brown because of you, he’d never used that term before..Not ever, do your family use that word..?”

“We definitely felt the chill, the only person who spoke to me was your granny, I think it’s just an anti-Irish area. X felt it, too.”

“It was a lovely day, the food was delicious”.

“I think she had a problem with you, because of where you come from..”

” You should try to say which language you speak, rather than where you are from. It can get peoples back up if you say you are from England..”.

“Before you eat that, you should read this…”

“I keep telling you that X is full of crap, but you keep on eating it”.

“A treat doesn’t hurt now and then, everyone likes a treat”.

“Do not bring that crap into my house”

“You need to get more sleep, before the baby arrives”.

“You’re sleeping too much, it’s bad for the baby”.

“Why did you let him buy that? Is that really a good example for Eddie. There will be two children in the house, soon”.

“It is just that it’s dangerous, isn’t it? I don’t understand what he would get out of it. Its a toy”.

“You’ve made a lot of mistakes, but you can’t undo them, so you have to live with them now”.

“It’s not really your fault, your parents didn’t do enough. You were failed by them”.

“I’ve never understood why anyone would go to another country to sit around and drink, and swim in dirty pools. Where is the learning?”

“The fact nobody leaves is unhealthy”.

“It’s nice to have a community, isn’t it?”

“Your parents must have been so closed minded, to go to those places on holiday. You were given a closed mind-set by them. And thats why the move has been hard for you!”.

“You’re brave for moving, it is a big thing, but it is for the better. England is only beneficial for you, not for the children”.

“If you were to leave, it would be the most selfish thing you’d ever do. You’d deny the children an affluent future, you’d deny him a chance to be a real father”.

“You can leave any time you want, you don’t need to stay here…But I can guarantee be it a week, or a month, you’d regret it”.

“Not many men would take another mans child on, you’re very lucky he wants to be with you, and do that”.

“Single mothers aren’t common in Sweden, there will be some whispers when people at the school realise Eddie isn’t his, but it will die down”.

“People in Sweden are really accepting of everything, you don’t need to worry about anything like that. Not here”.

“She probably was off-standish because she didn’t like your accent, maybe she worked in London?”

“I think she was awful, I don’t think it was because of your accent, I think she was just mean”.

“No, he isn’t settled I can tell you that now, he is nervous and he is damaged. He’s a difficult child”.

“He’s a good boy, he’s really settled. He’s so well behaved, he is an easy child“.

“When I was in labour I was scrubbing floors, women these days don’t do enough, we didn’t have time to sit around and wait to give birth”.

“No, no. Let me do that, you’re too big now to be doing any of those things”.

“Ah those dresses are lovely, did your mother buy them?”

“She can’t wear hardly any of those clothes you were bought, they’re all polyester, Sweden is far too cold”.

“Ah thats a lovely one, she will look lovely in it. Aren’t they beautiful?”.

“That dress isn’t practical, it’ll be uncomfortable for her. She needs cotton sleep suits”.

“Are you sure you’re in labour? You are not tightening enough”.

“You’re in full labour, you need to ring an ambulance.”

“You need to stay in hospital as long as you can, lie if you need to”.

“She isn’t gaining enough weight because you’re not making enough milk, you’re not drinking enough water”.

“You’ve drank how many..? Okay, thats enough, you don’t want to overload”.

“Food shouldn’t really interfere, not aside spicy things”.

“I told you not to eat pizza, I told you it would impact your milk with all the salt, but you have to have your beloved junk food”.

“You were selfish, and you damaged her. I will let it happen once out of ignorance, but I won’t stand back and let it happen again”.

“You’re not really to blame, you didn’t know, but your mother should have known better”.

“Instead of torturing everyone here about how much you want to, why don’t you just leave?”

“I know you can’t leave, but there are people in much worse positions, when I moved to…”

“He needs to sleep. And furthermore he does not need you every day getting on at him, making the whole house uncomfortable with your misery”

“Our whole lives savings are in here, we can’t leave, and you need our help”.

“We want to leave, we don’t want to be here either, we want to go back to Ireland”.

“Why are you crying? It’s silly. It’s a complete waste of energy. You’re not thinking about the kids..”.

“I know why you’re crying, I understand but..”.

“You don’t know how it works here, thats why you are so frustrated. I understand why you’re desperate, but you’re being hysterical“.

“I’ve heard your exciting news, you organised that well didn’t you?”

“Ah, well thats not what I was told. Never the less, lets get you packing. Isn’t it exciting?

“I’m sorry, but I think you’ve misunderstood him. Perhaps he didn’t understand your English, it is quite heavily accented..”

“We are not liars, I think you or he have crossed wires”.

“No you’re right, it’s probably the system has made an error”.

“We did ring three times and we did get told we were waiting, in the queue. That your case is not anything special”.

“She’s here, it took her long enough, didn’t it?”






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