Kållered Station and a trip to the Barnmorska. 

So, today was both a good and challenging day. It was Eryns 9 and a half week check up time with the Barnmorska (Midwife) to get a look at her weight and what not for the week. 

Since I had some  trouble with Eryn gaining (she’s breastfed), I’m always mega nervous when I go for these appointments.. The midwife is lovely and always does her best to assure me in her Swenglish that Eryn is doing fine but pressures from the MIL and a built in need to perfect everything still made me edgy. 

OK, so the midwife gives me mild anxiety, but I was more than proud of myself for getting TO the clinic since its the first time I’ve been alone on public transport with Eryn, it felt good. The journey was all of about six minutes long, but I felt pleased that despite having just had a baby and feeling ropey about life in general,  I made it in this foreign land and all alone, too! 

Fast-forward to the end of Eryns appointment, she’s had the rota virus immunisation and has gained a steady 210g. I’m happy, she’s crying, but wait..theres more..! 

Just as I was about to cross the road to peruse the Netto (yes, they still have them here, hurrah) I spotted the tunnel attached to the train station and it was full of art, street art that felt delicious to my eyes and that I had to stop and put into pictures! 

I’m not the type who admires what is often classified as “grafitti”, but this work (below) added so much to the walls it would almost be criminal to erase it. The autumn sun splashed down onto the rich bold colours and I felt one thing when I stood surrounded by it; joy. 
Instantly I knew this would be a go to spot for me. The colours lifted me up, and the designs smacked of originality, I was looking raw talent in the face and it was inspiring. I’d never felt emotional about artwork before.

Here are the shots I took, I hope they convey even a hundredth of the loveliness that the actual artwork does! 

Over and out, 

Expatting Pom. 


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